As you may be aware, privacy laws around the world are constantly evolving and placing new obligations on all areas of industry. This is something that OTC take very seriously, and we are committed to ensuring that data protection and privacy are high on our list of priorities. We wish to ensure that we process any personal data we may hold in a fair and lawful manner.

As such we have created a Privacy Policy, the objective of which is to provide a detailed, clear and transparent explanation of what OTC will do with any personal data we may obtain through the course of business, and why we do so.

In respect of any Broker Services proved by OTC, and in accordance with our responsibilities under GDPR, we notify you that:

OTC, as Data Controller, may process information about you, your directors, officers and employees, and affiliates and agents, which may constitute personal data under the GDPR (see Privacy Policy for additional detail).

OTC’s Privacy Policy sets out applicable information concerning:

  1. The collection and creation of Personal Data by us;
  2. The categories of Personal Data processed;
  3. The lawful basis for such processing;
  4. The purposes of such processing;
  5. The disclosure of Personal Data to third parties;
  6. The international transfer of Personal Data;
  7. The data security measures applied by us;
  8. Our compliance with the principles of data accuracy, data retention and data minimisation;
  9. The rights of Data Subjects; and
  10. Contact details for enquiries and the exercise of data protection rights.

Please note that this Privacy Policy may be updated and/or modified when required. Any such updates will be made public via this page.

If any Personal Data of your employees (or any other individuals) is shared by you with OTC (as may be permitted by law), we advise that you provide a copy of OTC’s Privacy Policy to that person prior to any such disclosure.

If you have any inquiries at all in respect of the above and/or OTC’s Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact OTC Global Holdings Compliance Department at and/or

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